Companies and Organizations

Mirmica over the years has undertaken collaborations with public and private organizations and with companies that organize cultural events: the main collaborations have seen Mirmica in charge of managing groups of young people and adults in training, or in the involvement in events open to a wider public and in the creation of multimedia products of in the cultural, educational and social spheres.

Thanks to the path undertaken with the Funder35 program, of which Mirmica was a beneficiary from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2019, it was possible to experiment with different types of approaches and to define our own modality that would compose from time to time in a common framework the activities and specificities of individual trainers.

In line with the founding principles of the association, we always try to start from a dialogue with the interlocutor, to bring attention to the process and involvement of the individual and groups in their training journey, so that the interventions are as much as possible an expression of a horizontal and participatory path, integrating individual contributions within a collective dimension.

So that, together, we try to stay in unconventional areas of research: group work through active methodologies, the implication of the bodily and relational dimension, the attention to aesthetic expression, are elements that distinguish Mirmica's work in this type of field as well.

As Mirmica is a ground that brings together different experiences and professionalism, we bring together, coordinate and manage multidisciplinary teams for the realization of a common goal, in the belief that the multiplicity of professionalism, skills and types of looks enriches the work process as much as the final product.

A specific field of activity is consulting for companies and cooperatives in the educational and social-health system.