Diversities and integration

For many years, Mirmica has been involved in theater experiences, often in the form of an ongoing workshop, born in collaboration with organizations that deal with disability support or that propose initiatives for people with special needs.

Of all Mirmica's areas of intervention, this is undoubtedly the one that poses the most problems for us in finding a definition that can match what we have encountered and experienced together with the groups and other organizations.
Thus, we have chosen to say "diversities" because here we find the attempt to hold together the individual, unique and nongeneralizable specificities of a person, and the common and integrated experience of a group, a community, a territory. In this we recognize a perspective that we would like to accompany, as far as we can, the entire activity of the association.

Alongside its theatrical expression projects, Mirmica has worked in the implementation of territorial projects on the integration and social cohesion of people with disabilities in municipalities in northern Milan such as Cusano Milanino and Cinisello Balsamo that have involved schools and the community. It has carried out, through the staging of autobiographical plays, community stories, network actions, and training courses for operators of disability services and psychosocial rehabilitation.