A Time to Mend

film / installation | 9', 4k, 2020

A Time to Mend is a research on the living body that plays and suffers, in the tension between the universalising geometric digitalization and the individual residue that is always specifc, analogical, refractory.
46 different times, as many possibilities to instantly improvise a way to go through the empty time of a convalescence, are brought together in a single space of vision.
A space-out-of-time that once was sacred and that nowadays has become scientifc, biological.


Festival screenings:

Filmmaker Festival 2020 - Teatro Sconfinato, Milano 

FuoriFormato 2021 - Festival Internazionale di danza contemporanea e videodanza
Miglior film Stories We Dance - Laboratorio Italia

A Distanza Ravvicinata - Filmmaker Festival a Santarcangelo dei Teatri 2021

Interface Video Art Festival 2021, Croazia